Weekend Parties

Post ImageIt’s been a busy weekend as far as parties go! It started on Friday night as Chu (or Steven) and Michelle had a dinner to celebrate their birthdays, both of which are in September. It was a relatively small gathering, but it was really good! Michelle made almost all of the food, which was very good. May brought an ice cream cake from DQ that was delicious. Good times! You can see some pictures here.

Last night was Yi-Li’s summer BBQ. It was also a “going away” party for Ylz, who left for a four month job in Rainbow Lake today. We had hamburgers, hot dogs, and some amazing steak. We also played Bingo and Cranium, and somehow figured out a game of paper-rock-scissors challenges to finish off the melted green tea ice cream cake (that was a disgusting green goop). Dickson played piano for a while as everyone just kinda relaxed. Here are the pictures. Have fun “up north” Ylz!

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