Notes for 9/25/2005

Here are my Sunday notes, slightly late once again:

  • My Dad’s blog is sporting a new look! He gave me a description of what he wanted, and I tried to make it happen. I think it looks pretty good! If you notice any bugs or anything, let me know.
  • I need to start coming home earlier. If I come home after 3 AM, it seems that 50% of the time there is a very wide load being moved down 17th street with police escorts and I have to wait for it to pass.
  • I had grilled cheese for lunch today 🙂
  • I also posted my post-Globalism Conference thoughts today. I’m very glad I went to the conference, gave me much to think about.
  • Tonight Dickson and I visited Annie, and she showed us her new Nintendo DS. She happened to be playing a game called Nintendogs, in which you have a pet dog that you must train and look after (and since the DS has a mic, you can use voice commands). She let us try it – big mistake!
  • Thinking of buying an iPod Nano? You might want to read this. Seems the Nano has some very widespread problems with it’s display.
  • I acquired a lot of new music this last week, so I am going to post some music reviews over the next week. Maybe I’ll do one album review a day. Lots of great music being released at this time of year!
  • I got my car all sparkly and clean today, inside and out, so it had better not rain tomorrow!

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