Post ImageNormally I wouldn’t post about a website getting a new look (unless it were one of my own or one that I manage) but I read the Economist all the time and I think it’s a great resource for information. And yes, they are sporting a new look:

For a start our homepage, article pages and Print Edition page have all been redesigned. You will see several other changes too:

  • We’ve enhanced the navigation – so it’s even easier to find what you want
  • The new pages are clearer – making them easier to read
  • Article titles are more consistent with the print edition – making cross-referencing straightforward

More improvements are due in the coming months. The aim is to make sharper and fresher – a perfect complement to our incisive global analysis.

It looks really great! The Economist is a great resource for all you politics-economics-current affairs nuts out there, so check it out. And tell them I sent you!

Read: Redesign

2 thoughts on “ Redesign

  1. Hello Mastermaq,

    I’m from <a href="">Redwire Design</a> – the company responsible for redesigning We’re glad that you and so many other users are enjoying the new layout. We designed several new templates for the website and hand coded them for use in’s CMS.

    Focus was given to usability, accessability, page weight and advertisement space. The accessability level for disabled users is the highest possible and The Economist have already received positive feedback from blind users.

    If you want to know more about the redesign or about Redwire you can visit <a href="">our website.</a>


    Those Nice Lads At Redwire

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