Notes for 10/2/2005

Hey look I am posting my notes on the actual Sunday for once!

  • Just got back from what is hopefully a monthly dinner with “the old McNally crew”. Of course, anyone is invited, so let me know if you want to come next time! Pictures are here.
  • In case you’re still sleeping, September Has Ended.
  • I started to try Coca-Cola Zero yesterday, but I ended up pouring rum into it, so I still need to do a proper test. My sister says it isn’t very good, leaves a terrible after-taste. Still, I gotta find out for myself you know?
  • The University of Alberta is going ahead with plans to buy the Hudson’s Bay building downtown!
  • I really hope Hillary Clinton runs for President in 2008, so much so that I registered “” the other day. Thinking some sort of “Canada wants Hillary” website, but we’ll see. Speaking of the next US election, Rudolph Giuliani is going to decide next year on whether or not he’ll run. Apparently he is one of the best speakers in the States. Hillary versus Rudolph?
  • I used to be a total Google News junkie, but lately I’ve been using Yahoo News more. I find it is laid out better and easier to use. Give it a shot!

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