Notes for 10/23/2005

I can’t believe it’s almost November! Here’s my weekly notes:

  • My Mom was in town on Saturday night! She was on her way to Toronto for some training for her new job, and she’ll be back here in two weeks on the way back. I hadn’t seen her in over a year, so it was great she could stop in Edmonton!
  • Tomorrow (or technically today – October 24th) is United Nations Day – the day the UN officially came into existence when it’s charter was ratified by the majority of signatories. This also happens to be the UN’s 60th anniversary.
  • I went to see A History of Violence tonight with Sharon and Megan. I can only describe it as deliciously violent.
  • Sharon’s sister asked me to sponsor her while I was there tonight too, so I did. I gave her $10 towards her run. They are raising money to build a school in Africa.
  • I really like the Hypnotiq Beach at Earl’s – so yummy!
  • When I was a kid, our family had an original Atari 2600. I never knew what happened to it until recently, when I found out my parents still had it. I was quite interested, so my Mom brought it down with her last night. There’s lots of games and controllers – only the power supply is missing. I won an auction for one on eBay a few hours ago though, so we’ll be playing Atari in the Paramagnus office soon enough!
  • I am tempted to listen to 96X this week just to see if anything came of the boycott. If you hear anything, leave a comment!

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