China and the US

Post ImageMost of the articles I read about China (and to a lesser extent India) are pretty much the same thing. It’s almost as if there’s a cookie-cutter formula for these stories so that no one really has to write anything new. And the article I came across in the New York Times today was no different, except for one paragraph:

If finding a way out of Iraq is an immediate problem for Mr. Bush, then dealing with China’s increasingly assertive tone on economic and military issues, and with Mr. Hu’s quiet resistance to Washington’s calls for political liberalization, is a challenge that will last far beyond his presidency.

If you had to sum up relations between the United States and China in a single sentence, that would be it right now. The next president of the US will have to worry about Iraq no doubt, but I suspect China will be higher up on the list of priorities than it is now.

Read: New York Times

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