Notes for 11/20/2005

Traveling really does a number on your schedule and routines, which
meant that I didn’t end up posting any notes last week. That’s okay
though, it’s probably good to have a break from the norm once in a
while! And the Expo went very well for us too.

  • I’ll never learn my lesson. I did a 10-page paper, a programming
    assignment, and a presentation all at the last minute on Thursday and
    Friday. Fortunately, I think they all turned out quite well!
  • Some data has started showing up in my Google Analytics
    account now, but I haven’t had the time to look at it in any detail.
    I’ll have to check it out this week and see how good or useful it is.
  • Does anyone know where I can buy Diet Coke with Splenda? Is it even
    available in Canada? I read about it in Business 2.0 this month, but I
    haven’t noticed it anywhere. The press release only mentions the US.
  • I went to see Derailed tonight with Megan, and I quite enjoyed it. Totally didn’t see the twist coming.
  • There’s lots of really cool podcasting stuff happening right now. Check my list of links for more!
  • My interview with CJSR
    last week for Humanities 101 went okay. They had some scheduling
    issues, so I was the very last five minutes of the show, though they
    did say they’d like to have me back. Haven’t heard anything to that end
  • I hate when cops (or any emergency vehicles for that matter) put
    their lights on just to go through a red light. I saw one do it the
    other day and couldn’t help but feel smug when I got to go through the
    next light and he got stuck behind a bunch of sheep.
  • I also have a beef with Destiny’s Child right now. I really like
    that new song “Check on it”, but it’s on the #1’s album (with two other
    new songs), not the Destiny Fulfilled album which didn’t come out that
    long ago really. Is it so hard to put the three new songs on the NEW
    album? I think putting new songs on a greatest hits album is stupid. If
    you’ve already bought all of an artists’ albums, don’t you feel ripped
    off when they put a new song on the greatest hits just so you’ll have
    to buy it too? I mean good marketing move, but shitty deal for fans. I
    guess Destiny’s Child is no more so they don’t really care anyway.
  • My xmas/birthday present for this year is the Xbox 360
    (thanks M&D!) and I get to pick it up early. Best Buy in Edmonton
    doesn’t open until 8 AM on Tuesday for the Xbox 360 launch, so I guess
    I am not lining up at midnight like I planned! If you want to join me
    early in the morning though, let me know!

UPDATE: I found out over beers at the PowerPlant from Megan
that Futureshop is open at midnight tonight (and I just called to
confirm), so I am back to lining up tonight! Same price as Best Buy
too. Being the same company, you’d think they would have their hours
more in line!

2 thoughts on “Notes for 11/20/2005

  1. Coke Zero was in the grocery store one week, and then gone the next…!!

    It wasn’t bad, and now there’s just C2… grr… jumpy reactive distribution.

    Apparently the whole xbox 360 distribution in Canada has been scaled back. I got a call last week from EB with the bad news that I am 7th passed the cut off point, but I may get a call if others don’t pick up their reserved system (they have 3 days to pick them up). Well I can always pick up the extra controllers, cables and games I ordered and drool over them for a few weeks until the early Dec shipment if I don’t get one this week.

    So apparently the chances of getting a system on launch night, if you haven’t reserved one, are close to zero, unless perhaps you can find a Core system and are happy to pony up for the accessories.

    I also discovered that, at launch, only about 8 of the 30 or so xbox games I own, will be compatible. You need the hard drive (as core accessory or in the higher bundle) to play older xbox games, and xbox live should supply shims for other games over time.

    See for list of compatible games.

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