Xbox 360 Acquired!

I got in the line at Best Buy this morning at 6:30 AM, and was fortunate enough to get one of the “guaranteed” sheets of paper. Around 8:30 AM I walked out of the store with my new Xbox 360 Premium and a second wireless controller!

So far the console is awesome, I am really impressed. I’ll post more later, but for now there’s some pictures up in my Flickr account.

9 thoughts on “Xbox 360 Acquired!

  1. Well :PPPP

    I need 6 more people to cancel or not pick up their system by end of Thu to get one, after MS short-shipped and bumped me passed the cut-off point. Otherwise I’m good for the next shipment whenever that it.

    I have 2 wireless controllers, 2 charge and play adapter, and 2 games………. oooo

    P.S. Last comment post attempt didn’t work (not even the moderation comment) and it doesn’t remember all the text I typed in – which is why I always copy it before I post on your blog). Guess I didn’t type in the magic text correctly.

  2. HO HO HO Congratulations MasterMaq and Merry Christmas! I guess those work hours at the office will be longer…great deduction Dickson! HAVE FUN you GUYS! ENJOY!

  3. Got my Xbox this evening from ebgames

    They have another shipment in Dec and one in Jan and both are booked solid.

    Need to do some network patching to get it fully up and running, but Quake is working OK.

    Now – that TV looks a little small…

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