No Xbox 360 Yet!

There was a pretty fancy event going on at Futureshop tonight on Calgary Trail! They had the spotlight truck going, a road hockey setup, booth babes, and of course three or four consoles hooked up to big TV’s. If you preordered, you could stand in line. If you hadn’t preordered you were given tickets with numbers that would be drawn for the chance to stand in line. I talked to a couple of the guys in line and they said that there were people there getting tickets at 4 PM this afternoon, so showing up an hour and a bit in advance like I did was pretty useless (even though the lineup was very short).

So my plan is to line up very early tomorrow at Best Buy. I think the midnight event carries a bit more glitz, and given that it was rather warm out today, I am not surprised people were there so early. There won’t be any fancy event outside in the morning (at least I haven’t heard of anything), so I am hoping my chances are better. Even still, I’m just going to have a quick nap and get there as early as possible. Wish me luck!

And yes, I realize that if it doesn’t work out in the morning, it could be a while…

One thought on “No Xbox 360 Yet!

  1. Oh man — if you get the 360, I think I may have to explode. I’m wishing you luck, Mack! (Remember, there is no shame in pushing over little kids.) Oh, welcome back from the Expo. I checked out the pictures on your flickr page.

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