Interviewed for Xbox 360

Post ImageI was interviewed last week about the Xbox 360 launch, mainly because I had posted about it here on my blog a few times (here’s a search for xbox). At the time of the interview, “Santa” hadn’t yet told me that my wish would be granted (I only talked to my parents this weekend about it). Here’s what I had to say:

Some gamers say the steep price tag will force them to wait for Santa Claus.

“I’ve been telling friends and my parents all I want for Christmas is the Xbox 360. Just pool together,” said Mack Male, a 21-year-old from Edmonton.

“It doesn’t matter to me if I have one at midnight but I want it as soon as possible . . . Part of the fun is being part of the first group, being able to say ‘I was the innovator. . .I got there first.’ ”

Well now I can be there at midnight! Cool thing about that article is that it’s a Canadian Press article, so it’s actually in at least six different newspapers right now. I guess the next couple of days will be very focused on the 360 here, but your regularly scheduled blog will return.

Read: National Post

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