Notes for 11/27/2005

It felt like a relaxing week, but it was still quite busy in retrospect. That time of year I guess.

  • The big news of the week has to be that I got my Xbox 360. Be sure to check out my initial review. The 360 is great!
  • I discovered the group chat feature in MsgPlus tonight. Basically it will group all your windows into one window that you can then use to switch between them using a toolbar, or CRTL-TAB like other applications. Not sure if I like it yet, but good idea.
  • Lots of you probably knew that Friday was called “Black Friday” – the day retailers turn a profit for the year, but how many of you knew that tomorrow is considered “Cyber Monday“? It’s the day retailers start a marketing blitz and introduce heavy discounts for their web operations.
  • It was a busy weekend for Edmonton sports teams. The Rush had their training camp yesterday, and the Eskimos won the Grey Cup today!
  • LiveMarks is a cool page for watching what people bookmark at in real time.
  • Larry questions whether content is really king or not. He then states that the value of content itself seems to be declining. I’m not so sure that’s the case. I would argue that content has never been king – information is all that matters, and more specifically, the ability to derive some sort of knowledge from that information. That’s why newspapers are dying while Google is soaring – it used to be that newspapers were best at providing knowledge but lately Google and others like them do a better job. Same goes for blog aggregators.
  • I am actually going home for Christmas this year (it’s been a while). I leave Edmonton on the 23rd of December with Tom, and return on January 2nd. It’s gonna be damn cold and full of snow. On the plus side, my parent’s TV is HD ready for my Xbox 360 😉
  • For everyone who watched the Grey Cup today – what did you think of the halftime show? I could have come up with a dozen better acts than the Black Eyed Peas. I like BEP, but they are definitely a “listen to on the CD and watch the video on TV” kind of act. Darren didn’t care too much for them either.

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