Notes for 1/15/2006

I think one of the hardest habits to break is sleeping late and waking later. I intended to get to sleep early tonight, but just haven’t been able to (not for lack of trying either!). On the plus side, my insomnia did help me remember to post these notes I wrote earlier:

  • A few days ago Sharon remarked that I should get new shoes. I told her that I liked these ones, and that I didn’t need that many pairs of shoes. Then last night my shoelace snapped in half! I think she did some voodoo magic on my shoes.
  • The first week of school was alright. I am liking having class on only two days! And I’m glad I was able to register in a night class – I find I do much better in them for some reason.
  • I finally registered for Northern Voice 2006 this week. Should be a good time, I’m really looking forward to it!
  • Wondering how evil Google is today? This site is pretty amusing! So much for “do no evil”.
  • Proof, maybe, that China did in fact find North America before Columbus? I don’t think there’s any doubt, but some people are just unwilling to let go.
  • I’ve been reading John Battelle‘s “The Search” lately, and my oh my is it a fascinating book! I’m only through three chapters but quite enjoying it thus far.

One thought on “Notes for 1/15/2006

  1. "Then last night my shoelace snapped in half!" I think you would be the type of the person to replace only the shoelaces – just to show her you can keep the shoes 🙂

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