Edmonton Dining for $10

Post ImageUsually when I go for dinner, it’s to the same places as always, but every now and then it’s good to try something new – the only problem is that usually I don’t know what to try! I’ve come across a post that makes it easy though, with a list of Edmonton restaurants offering $10 dishes! From the Lex Culinaria blog:

The restaurants of Original Fare have come up with a winning recipe guaranteed to help Edmontonians top up their winter padding through the dark, cold months of January and February.

From January 22nd for 10 weeks, select Edmonton Restaurants will be offering special $10 dishes! Before you convince yourself that a $10 meal couldn’t possibly be worthwhile – some of these restaurants are my very favourites and serve some of Edmonton’s best food!

I’ve only been to two restaurants on the list – The Creperie, a long time ago, and it was very good; and Wild Tangerine, which I went to for the first time on Thursday evening, also very good. Full details are available here (pdf).

Read: Lex Culinaria

3 thoughts on “Edmonton Dining for $10

  1. Lol… It’s 10 days not weeks and yah… I heard about this last week and made reservations to Jack’s Grill. Have fun, there are some good places (also heard Il Portico is really good).

  2. Thankyou Mack. Some of my favorite restaurants are taking part in that. I recommend the Blue Pear, its great. I beleive its owned by one of the chefs from Jacks Grill. Mmmmm…

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