Mack is back!

Yes I know, for some of you it seems like I fell off the face of the earth (you’d be surprised how many emails/IMs said those exact words in the last few days). As you can tell, I am most certainly still alive! Or maybe this is some AI program typing, haha! I’d be rich if that were the case.

I didn’t disappear so much as unplug. Here’s what I have been up to, in no particular order:

  • Working working working, mainly on our business plan. The submission deadline for VenturePrize was Tuesday, and I am happy to report that we submitted an excellent plan. Well, we think it’s excellent! We worked with a few different mentors and consultants over the last couple weeks which gave us tons of great feedback to work with. Cross your fingers for us!
  • Addicted to Smallville. I am all caught up in season five (the current season) and more addicted than ever. It’s funny too, because I never really liked the “Superman” story all that much. I think it’s because with Superman, you just accept that he has all of his abilities. In Smallville, you see him acquire and master them! A friend also said something I found really interesting: “Most superheros are putting on a mask when they become the hero, but Superman puts on the mask when he becomes Clark Kent.” Episode 100 last week was amazing!
  • I’ve been using IE7 Beta 2 Preview (what a dumb name) for the last couple days, and so far I really like it! Quick tabs is an awesome feature. I am one of those people that likes to leave the browser running at all times, even just minimized. Unfortunately if I do that with Firefox, it eats up memory. So far IE7 seems to work better.
  • I was at the office on Sunday working late to finish an assignment (yes I’ve been doing schoolwork too) and ran into a problem. I had a meeting at the University that day, so I had parked on campus and just took the train to the office. When I was done my assignment and ready to leave, it was about 12:30 AM, which meant that I had missed every bus and train going south! So I ended up staying at the office until the LRT started again at 5:30 AM. I was surprised at how many people were on the train that early! I was also shocked at the number of people sleeping on couches in SUB – it was quite amazing.
  • I have been sleeping lots too, well sort of. Lots for me! Wasn’t feeling too good yesterday so stayed pretty close to home and rested.
  • I’m now really behind on reading blogs and that sort of thing. I find if I am not blogging, I’m also less likely to be reading. Or sometimes even the other way around! Such a positive feedback loop.

I don’t usually take these sort of breaks, but I think they are good for a person once in a while. Lots of stuff coming up too (midterms, Northern Voice, another competition, etc) so it was probably a good time for me to do it. Anyway, your regularly scheduled blog will now return!

(Interestingly, my traffic didn’t take a hit at all from the lack of posting, which probably means my old content is more popular than my newer content (and the statistics seem to support that claim)).

8 thoughts on “Mack is back!

  1. The beauty of RSS – don’t have to keep visiting the site to check.

    Smallville is good, but the whole on/off thing with Lana is annoying – too much like Dawson & Joey Potter from Dawson’s creek, plus if it’s following the Superman movie plots generally, we know he doesn’t end up with Lana, except for his visits to her and her son (who was the father) in Superman III I believe.

  2. Yup saw it – the grave event from the episode is what, in Superman I, caused him to dig up a green crystal from the barn, go up north, throw it into the snow and have the fortress appear. The fortress is already there, so who knows what will happen next…

    Going to watch tonight’s shortly.

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