Edmonton Rush and Swollen Members

Post ImageI went with Tom to the Rush game last night and even though we didn’t win (lost 7-6 in regulation) it was a pretty cool night anyway! The half time entertainment was three members of Swollen Members, and they performed four songs including one from their upcoming album. But that wasn’t the best part.

Our row of seats must have been really lucky last night, because we all kept winning things! Tom was randomly selected to win a Rush prize pack and was chosen as a finalist in the Argyll Motorosports contest to win a quad! He got a couple t-shirts, a hat, wristbands to meet the team and cheerleaders after the game, and two tickets to the final game (so he has four total now). Shortly after that the guys next to us won a prize as it was one of their birthdays. And a little later the people at the end of the row won something too!

At the end of the game, the guys next to us left their t-shirt and wristbands at their seats (don’t ask my why) so we gladly took them! Tom and I each had a Rush t-shirt, so we went down to the field to meet the team and the Crush girls and to get autographs. It was pretty cool, and damn, those Crush girls are really hot!

The attendance at this game wasn’t as high as the first two home games, but it was still a very respectable 8,700 or so. We’re still winless, but at least we’re keeping it close. The first win will come sooner or later!

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One thought on “Edmonton Rush and Swollen Members

  1. Yup they Really are hot mack! 🙂 the Win is comming i feel it, Prolly not this upcomming weekend but lets hope they don’t get beat as bad as the last time they played The Rock.

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