Notes for 2/5/2006

Some notes for this fine Sunday evening:

  • Went for coffee with Megan tonight who I hadn’t seen in forever! Looking forward to Northern Voice this week.
  • Cool news story today about Nunavut – no not where I used to live…this is the new territory – and how the Airbus A380 will be travelling north for weather testing!
  • I think the plan to charge for “priority email” is completely dumb. Then again, I haven’t given it any serious thought yet, but that’s my gut reaction.
  • I didn’t mention it last week (during my “disappearance”), but on Tuesday my group presented to our English 304 class on podcasting. I thought it went very well! We covered the history, the technology, the implications of adult podcasting, the effect of podcasting on education, and we did a “future” segment too. Initial feedback was very positive, and the mix of students was about what I expected – a select few who knew what it was, a few more that had heard of it, and the rest were introduced for the first time!
  • Looking for virtualization software? VMWare is giving away their GSX Server, starting Monday.
  • Who’s my hero? This guy, who was too lazy to move five feet to open the door to his office so he hacked together a software/hardware combo to do it for him. Pretty interesting actually!
  • In the middle elevator (there’s 3) of our building tonight I discovered piles and piles of broken glass, yet all the mirrors inside the elevator are fine. It’s like someone took glass into the elevator and smashed it, and this isn’t the utility elevator which would normally be used for transporting stuff either. Needless to say, I am still trying to figure out how it got there…any ideas?
  • Ahhhh high school

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