Sunday Recap & Notes for 2/13/2006

On Sunday we spent the entire day in Vancouver hanging out. We went for brunch at Red Robin’s where we had an interesting discussion about whether or not figure skating should be an Olympic sport and then headed towards Stanley Park. We spent the afternoon at the Vancouver Aquarium which was awesome! We even got to see a Beluga Whale show. After the show we walked all the way back to Canada Place to the IMAX theatre where we watched “Roving Mars” – all about the two Mars rovers, Spirit and Opportunity. It was a really fascinating video, if you get a chance to see it, I highly recommend it. After walking back to the hotel to get our bags we headed for the airport.

I got back to Edmonton last night around 10:15 PM along with Dickson and we went directly to Denny’s from the airport! I had to drop off some stuff at the office, so we came here (yep still at the office tonight), but didn’t stay long.

This week is looking pretty damn busy, so here’s some notes:

  • I think Northern Voice went very well this year! There’s lots of great information out there, just look for posts and pictures and podcasts tagged “northernvoice”.
  • Did a bunch of shopping today, mostly for furniture-related stuff for the office. We’re revamping our server room as we prepare to launch our podcast stuff. Just waiting on a few more items now!
  • Two midterms on Thursday does not make me happy. I have a lot of studying to do 😦
  • Have you been watching the Olympics? I haven’t. Highlights and recaps are the only things I’m going to watch besides the hockey games.

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