Notes for 2/19/2006

Yay for reading week! Here are my notes for today:

  • It was a pretty good week for Paramagnus in terms of our business plan competitions. We made it to the semi-finals in the VenturePrize competition, and the finals for the local part of the Wes Nicol competition. We present to the judges on Friday and Saturday, respectively.
  • My Dad was here this weekend too! Was nice to hang out yesterday.
  • The Canadian Men’s hockey team lost again today! It’s a good thing we’re already in the quarter-finals, but something has to change. Shut out two games in a row – terrible!
  • I think I am going to be starting a new notes weblog to exist alongside this one. Thing is, there’s lots of times I want to post something tiny, like a random thought or link or picture or even just a simple sentence, and this blog isn’t really appropriate for that kind of thing. With the notes weblog I can post a quick thought whenever it hits me, even from my cell phone! Fear not, this blog won’t change, it will just have a sibling šŸ˜‰
  • Interesting new search engine for programmers is coming soon, called Krugle.
  • Look for more articles like this one over the next year: Ten Reasons to Buy Windows Vista. The article also includes five reasons you might not want to get Vista.
  • Favorite song of the moment: Madonna’s new single, “Sorry”.
  • A fairly large group of my friends are heading out for lunch tomorrow, on Family Day here in Alberta. Pictures to follow!

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