Notes for 3/5/2006

Here are my notes for today:

  • I still can’t quite believe that we did some upgrades this week and didn’t encounter any problems! I guess we’re getting better at planning for these types of things.
  • I hung out with my Dad yesterday on his way back from San Francisco. He’s got some really great pictures up in Flickr from his trip.
  • Can’t wait to find out more on Origami. There’s an interesting video at YouTube on it too.
  • Ever have french fries from Costco? They’re so addicting, and probably so bad for you…
  • Looks like Crash has won the Oscar for Best Picture. I didn’t watch the ceremonies this year, and judging by some of the polls on sites like Canoe, neither did a lot of other people.
  • Went to see the Rush last night with my Dad and Tom. They lost again, 15-11. We have a decent team, but we get way too many penalties, and I question the coaching sometimes.
  • Tomorrow is the public announcement of the VenturePrize finalists, and the result of the Wes Nicol should be made public this week too.

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