Google GDrive

Post ImageIf a company provided the ability to store all of your data online, would you use it? Would you choose to allow your computer to be essentially just a local cache of your data stored elsewhere? Google thinks you might:

Google is preparing to offer online storage to Web users, creating a mirror image of data stored on consumer hard drives, according to company documents that were mistakenly released on the Web.

“With infinite storage, we can house all user files, including emails, web history, pictures, bookmarks, etc and make it accessible from anywhere (any device, any platform, etc),” the notes in the original Google presentation state.

Chief Executive Eric Schmidt in his presentation made a cryptic comment that one goal of Google was to “store 100 percent” of consumer information.

Personally, I don’t think I’d use such a service, at least not for all of my data. Maybe an array of services, from different companies, in different locations, so that the potential for abuse or data loss is reduced. I realize I make that statement in 2006, when in five years things may be very different and it would seem natural to store things primarily online. I still can’t quite fathom everyone using only one service though.

Read: CNET

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