Dell to buy Alienware?

Post ImageDid Dell buy Alienware or not? Word spread around the web yesterday that the deal was already done, but Dell has said otherwise:

Dell has moved to quash rumors that suggested the company has acquired rival PC vendor Alienware. Speculation about a possible buyout has been rife since Rahul Sood, CEO of original equipment manufacturer Voodoo PC, posted his thoughts on such a move on his blog two weeks ago.

Questioning the accuracy of the information, Paul McKeon, Dell Australia and New Zealand spokesman, said the original source–Voodoo PC–is unreliable since the company is an Alienware competitor.

I would be somewhat surprised if Dell did buy Alienware, simply because Dell is not known for making acquisitions. On the other hand, they haven’t denied it. All McKeon did is suggest reasons why it might not have happened.

Read: CNET

2 thoughts on “Dell to buy Alienware?

  1. Ug… I got the code wrong and have to type it again 😦

    Which of people, technology, facilities and customer base would Dell stand to gain from such an acquisition?

    When I go into a consumer electronics store I see a lot of HP, but no Dell.

    Perhaps with Vista on the way, Dell wants to ramp up its production facilities and perhaps go retail for the xmas gamer market?

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