Notes for 3/19/2006

Here are my weekly notes:

  • It’s been a busy last few days getting ready for our presentations this week. You can read all about our business plan competitions and follow along this week at our VenturePrize Experience blog.
  • The real web 2.0 application has arrived. Here’s another humorous app.
  • Man we sure got dumped on this week, so much snow! The worst part about all the snow is that the farmers still won’t be happy. No snow, they complain there’s not enough water. Too much snow, too much water!
  • Amazon S3 is amazing; its truly game-changing. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the other big players copy them, and in fact, I hope they do. More services like S3 are what we need.
  • Went to the Rush game on Friday night with Sharon because Tom was working (he got a job at Petsmart). I think she enjoyed the game, even though we got slaughtered 16-9. The next game is the 25th, with the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders! I’ll be in Ottawa though…
  • “Trip” by Hedley is my current favorite song. I also really like “Move Along” by The All American Rejects.
  • Do you find the font size at Google or Yahoo or any other search engine too small? If so, is for you. The text is very, ahem, big.

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