Notes for 3/26/2006

We arrived back to Edmonton this afternoon without any problems (in fact the flight got in a little early). I’ve been taking it sort of easy since though, hence the lack of posting. Here are my weekly notes:

  • We won the Wes Nicol competition! We also gave Leading Edge Technologies a run for their money in the VenturePrize competition.
  • NewsGator renamed their Outlook product to NewsGator Inbox.
  • Because I’ve been so busy and on the go, I haven’t read blogs as much as normal, but I did come across Mesh 2006, which is billed as Canada’s Web 2.0 conference. Looks very cool to me!
  • The new provincial budget for Alberta was announced, which means that a new science building at the University of Alberta will get the go-ahead. The Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Science will replace Physics and V-Wing.
  • Speaking of the budget, I hope the government doesn’t send out any more rebate cheques. Invest it! Or better yet, since the surplus is due to oil prices, knock a few cents off our gas! It’s sick that Toronto’s gas is the same price as ours. It’s freaking refined and everything RIGHT HERE! How could it possibly cost the same?! There are absolutely no transportation costs! I just don’t get it. Well I do get it actually, pricing gas is more than a markup business…but still.
  • I’m sure by now you’ve heard that Windows Vista was delayed again. I’ll end up getting the OS around the time I expected, but people hoping to buy new computers with Vista for Christmas are out of luck. I have a feeling the delay will be worth it.
  • A virtual podcasting expo was recently announced. Looks interesting!

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