Paramagnus Press Coverage

Post ImageWe’ve received a lot of great press for our business plan competitions lately. Of course, we were in the Ottawa Citizen the day after the Wes Nicol competition, and today we were featured in the Edmonton Journal:

Mack Male and Dickson Wong’s disappointment at not winning this year’s TEC Edmonton VenturePrize melted away 24 hours later when the University of Alberta students won a national business plan competition in Ottawa.

Unfortunately you need an account to read the entire article online, so go pick up a physical copy. There’s a great picture of us in there too, page G3.

We’re also featured on the Innovation Alberta website. There is text, audio, and an image:

One of the two runners up in TEC Edmonton’s VenturePrize Competition was Paramagnus Developments Inc. Paramagnus deals in podcasting software Tools, and is the brainchild of Edmonton computing science students Mack Male and Dickson Wong. Here’s what Mack has to say about being a finalist in VenturePrize.

And there’s more on the way too! If you run across something I haven’t, let me know.

5 thoughts on “Paramagnus Press Coverage

  1. Congratulations on your success guys! I’ve been keeping track of you guys and the successes of your company via Inge. 😛 I’m glad to know that you guys are getting much publicity over your accomplishments.

    I’m sorry if my comment sounds generic, but I really am happy to hear about the successes you guys are achieving. You guys were always so driven (and/or drunk). 🙂

  2. Hey there, this is Lea, Ana’s sister. I saw your article in the Edmonton Journal and was like, "Hey, these were Ana’s high school buddies." Congrats on you and your partner’s successes! 😀

    Anyway, I was just wondering how your proposed service is different from offerings such as Is that your main competitor?

  3. Hi Lea, thanks for the comment! And good question too.

    Odeo is really the most basic form of podcast you can create – there aren’t any advanced features or anything. It’s also entirely web-based. And personally, I find their service confusing to navigate. So no, I would say our main competitor is Libsyn (

    We’re really quite different than both of them though. We offer tools from creator to listener – a Windows based recording tool, a hosting service (like Odeo and Libsyn but with far more features, like automatic file format conversion, bittorrent seeding, etc), a directory/tagging service, and a Windows based tool for subscribing to and downloading podcasts.

    So I guess you could say we’re targeting a different kind of user than Odeo, though we will certainly compete on some things.

    If you want to chat more about it, MSN me! My contact is

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