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Post ImageInteresting piece up at about YouTube and the phenomenal success it has been having, at least in terms of traffic. No one is quite sure how they are going to make money, or if they have staying power, but they certainly do not have a lack of users:

According to numbers provided by traffic-tracking company ComScore Networks, YouTube received 4.2 million unique visitors in February. Those numbers are good enough to outpace Apple Computer’s iTunes (3.5 million) and put it within spitting distance of (4.4 million) and AOL Video (4.7 million), both of which have been in business longer.

Personally, I think YouTube is going to run into very big problems. Lately when I have been on the site, I have come across a lot of videos that display a “removed due to copyright infringement” message, and I can only guess that it will get worse before it gets any better.

Like most Web 2.0 companies, they plan to use advertising to make money:

“We’re experimenting with different business models,” she said. “It’s not going to be a traditional model, that is for sure. Right now, we don’t want to disrupt the user experience. But eventually, we’re going to introduce extremely relevant ads that will benefit users and won’t disrupt the service.”

I’ve said it many times before and I’ll say it here again – Google is an anomaly. I don’t think advertising is a truly sustainable business model, and even if it works for YouTube, they’ll never reach the levels that Google has. I think they need something besides simply advertising to truly make it.

Read: CNET

3 thoughts on “YouTube Popularity

  1. Been there, dont that – video ads on video streaming/clips.

    Ads are only sustainable for large properties or a large users base (e.g. msn messenger). When there’s a chance of unsavory or infringing content, advertisers get very cold feet. Audio/Video has so much more potential for copyright infringement – playing/performing any music or showing video (even if in the background and clear) can be an infringement if you don’t own the rights or have them licensed for that purpose.

  2. Greetings mastermaq. I am not entirely sure I can add anything to the Podcast conversation here. However, I am pretty sure I can let you in on a new site that is gaining a lot of attention;

    What it does is quite simple. Anyone can easily record audio just by using their browser, cell phone, skype account, etc. So far there have been recordings from poets, storytellers, rappers, teenagers, wanna-be-interviewers…..a few days ago someone even recorded the details of her newly announced engagement. It is beautiful and funny and moving to hear the voices behind the faces. For a long time now we have seen the words from peoples hearts. Now it is time to empower the voice. Evoca even offers some premium features including 500 minutes a month of recording time and pay-to-listen features. I encourage everyone to at least try it out. I have. Once you have recorded and then posted your player in your blog…..well, it is very cool. Podcasting is ridiculously easy as well with the RSS feed and such. Well, I hope you check it out. I look forward to hearing you. Speak up and speak out……


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