Notes for 4/9/2006

Here are my weekly notes:

  • I have complained before that Firefox seems to use a lot of memory. Today I ran across this little hack that seems to improve the situation! Try it out if you have memory issues with Firefox.
  • I don’t mind when people ask me for money on the street. Usually I am polite and say that I don’t have any change, sometimes I’ll actually dole out some coin. I can’t stand it however, when the person starts spinning some story that they are from out of town and need $15 for gas or something similar. You think I haven’t heard that one before? At least be original if you’re going to tell me a story.
  • Interesting post at the Daily Kos, which examines a machine called the Narus 6400, apparently developed to monitor communications in real-time. Scary stuff!
  • This is the last week of regular classes at the University of Alberta!
  • Have you seen the new sleeves at Starbucks? At first I thought, what a great idea, using the space for a word of the day or something! I realize now though that they are simply marketing tools for “akeelah and the bee”, a new movie from Starbucks Entertainment (whatever that is).
  • Now that Spring/Summer is upon us, maybe I’ll change the colors of my site again soon. What do you think?

6 thoughts on “Notes for 4/9/2006

  1. I wouldn’t mind the marketing – if they told you the meaning of the word instead of saying "Word that won the 1967 National Spelling Bee"

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