Notes for 4/17/2006

Some notes for this Easter long weekend:

  • I had a good time up at the lake Sunday and today. We had an excellent turkey dinner and basically relaxed. In case you’re wondering, “the lake” is Goose Lake, which is about 40 KM west of Fort Assiniboine (north of Barrhead).
  • I love Bacardi Silver Raz…though I may have mentioned that here before.
  • Paramagnus was featured in the Edmonton Sun’s business section on Sunday, and it has stirred up some great interest thus far. Dickson posted about it too.
  • The Oilers are in the playoffs and played an excellent game tonight! Tickets go on sale Thursday to Pipeline members, and Friday to the general public.
  • One final exam down, one to go for me. Good luck to everyone who is busy studying and writing this week!
  • I recently joined the board of The Learning Centre Literacy Association (no website yet), which “engages people in community based learning and literacy development that further enables them to make positive changes for themselves and their communities.” I have volunteered as a tutor in the past, and have worked with the Learning Centre through Humanities 101, so I am excited to serve on the board as a community member!

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