Notes for 5/7/2006

You know the drill:

  • For all you Internet Explorer users: you might have noticed, the arrows on the right sometimes showed up distorted. Well, it shouldn’t happen any more, I think I finally got it fixed this weekend.
  • Damn Oilers couldn’t get it done tonight, they didn’t play very well. Next game is tomorrow night at 8:30 PM. Schumacher won the F1 race this morning though!
  • Yesterday was my brother’s birthday. We ended up watching Eurotrip (which I had seen before) and Waiting (which I hadn’t). I have to say, Waiting was awesome!
  • Definitely a highlight this past week for me was getting published in the National Post.
  • Along with Megan, Riva, and Greg I saw Mission: Impossible 3 on Friday (opening) night. It was pretty good, giving me everything I expected – Tom Cruise getting beat up, lots of explosions, etc. And unlike the previous two in this series, MI3 actually had a story (however typical) besides the outrageous stunts!
  • Lots of driving this weekend…I wish the price of gas would come down!
  • I can’t wait til Thurdsay for the season finale of Smallville. Last week’s episode was INTENSE, so this week should be incredible! I’ll never make it through the summer…
  • Just installed the new beta of Windows Live Messenger yesterday – it’s awesome! Apparently there won’t be many changes from now until release, so it should be available soon.

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