PS3 Pricing Announced

Post ImageSony announced pricing for its upcoming PlayStation 3 gaming console yesterday, and as generally expected, the console will cost more than Microsoft’s Xbox 360. Though not nearly as much as I expected! The system comes in two options, though the only difference between the two appears to be a larger hard drive:

Sony, which unveiled the specs and pricing of its PlayStation 3 at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles on Monday, will charge $499 and $599 for the consoles when they arrive in November.

Many people seem to think that it will all come down to Blu-ray. I am not so sure. I don’t exactly have a strong desire to own a Blu-ray device, though I admit the PS3 is by far the cheapest such device available. The $499 model comes with a 20 GB hard drive, making it more similar to the higher end Xbox 360 console. Who knows what kinds of controllers or other extras the PS3 will come with though.

Does anyone else think it’s stupid to charge an extra $100 for 40 GB of space? I can buy a 300 GB hard drive for just over $120 CDN for crying out loud! Unless there’s something extra, that $100 is a complete rip off.

Oh, and the sexy controller in the picture is not what the final controller looks like. Nope, the real one is much more mundane.

Read: CNET

4 thoughts on “PS3 Pricing Announced


    "Although Sony did not note these changes in its pre-E3 press conference, printed material handed out by the company indicate that in addition to having a smaller hard drive, the $499 PS3 will not be able to read data from Sony memory sticks, SD or compact flash cards (a feature Sony touted Monday evening). Nor will it offer 802.11 b/g wireless compatibility. And perhaps most importantly to owners of newer high definition television sets, the $499 PS3 will not have an HDMI output.

    Sony said many of the features which were removed from the less expensive version could be found on many home computers and it was relying on the assumption that buyers would be able to use those through their home networks."

  2. PlayStation 3 is going to be great. Blu-ray isn’t Betamax as many say, it will truly be a format that people use. It has so many advantages over Microsoft and Nintendo. Over the Xbox 360, PS3 will have motion detection in the controllers, a 60 GB HD, blu-ray playing (those will cost 700+ when they come out), exclusivity in games, better processor, and the fan base. I can’t wait.

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