Notes for 5/14/2006

Just saw the Oilers beat the Sharks, same score as last game, 6-3. You gotta love the way the guys are staying composed, taking total control in the third period when the Sharks are tired. Here we go Oilers, game six back at home!

  • Happy Mother’s Day!
  • First day of the conference is tomorrow, which should be good. I’ll have lots of stuff to post over the next two days.
  • A friend of my mine recently remarked that the song “Promiscious” by Nelly Furtado would be “the next it summer club song” and after hearing it, I have to agree. It’s awesome, probably due to the fact that it was produced by Timbaland. Furtado sounds a lot like Britney during the hook to me, which is good, because I found her nasal sound of previous songs annoying.
  • Another hot track I like right now – “Me And You” by Cassie.
  • Started reading Malcolm Gladwell’s “The Tipping Point” today on the plane, and so far I am enjoying it.
  • Looking for E3 coverage? Engadget has some amazing posts, complete with photos, so check it out.

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