Notes for 5/21/2006

It’s great to be back in Edmonton where the weather is nice! Man that rain crap in Toronto sucked. Here are my weekly notes:

  • After winning both games in Anaheim, I am now more sure than ever that the Oilers are gonna sweep the series at home! Go Oilers Go!
  • What do you know, Nelly Furtado got even skankier. Mere hours after my last post, she made an appearance as the musical guest on SNL and wore even less than she does in the video!
  • Now this my friends, is scientific research. Darren Barefoot tackles the question of just how many blades we really need! Awesome post, seriously, check it out.
  • Turns out lactic acid buildup in your muscles is a good thing, not a bad thing.
  • I recently installed the new Windows Media Player 11 beta. Although they are missing some really great features from 10 (hopefully just because this is beta) I would say the upgrade is entirely worth it for the updated search functionality alone. It’s LIGHT YEARS beyond the previous versions, I love it.
  • Did you know they are selling episodes of ’24’ on MySpace? That site continues to amaze me.
  • Went and saw Over the Hedge last night – awesome movie! So worth it. I’ll probably review it later.

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