Notes for 5/28/2006

Yep, these weekly notes are many hours late – I got busy last night and totally forgot to post them.

  • I got this great link from Ylz. Turns out using a controller for games is more effective than mouse and keyboard after all!
  • Wondering why Windows Vista is late? Because there is still so much to do, as was made very clear in Chris Pirillo’s review of Beta 2.
  • Carolina beat Buffalo last night, which means they are leading the series 3-2 and are one step closer to taking on the Oilers for the Stanley Cup. I hope this series goes to Game 7 so that whoever wins is too tired to put up much of a fight in the last round 🙂
  • I’m going to Red Deer tomorrow with my brother for the Red Deer College open house (where he is planning to attend in the fall). Yay, road trip!
  • Did you hear the rumor that Microsoft wants to buy eBay? It’s not entirely unlikely – Microsoft wanted to make deals with all of Google’s competitors, and given the recent Yahoo/eBay deal, this would be a great way to hook up with the two largest. I say, get rid of MSN, focus on Windows Live, and partner with/buy the great stuff from Yahoo and eBay.
  • Sony’s Ken Kutaragi is an idiot, plain and simple.
  • Paramagnus is getting closer to a public test of Podcast Spot! We recently updated our product logo too.

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