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Post ImageI stopped running Symantec’s consumer products a long time ago. I like the corporate products, but their Norton packages were always too bloated or confusing I found. Or they wouldn’t behave as expected, or they’d interfere with something. Okay now that I think about it, there’s lots of reasons I don’t like the Norton software applications. And now, I have one more reason:

Symantec unveiled plans for its new software, then code-named Genesis, in February. The product is to rival Microsoft’s OneCare and Windows Vista security technology, and will integrate components of Symantec’s current security, PC optimization and backup products, the security company has said.

On Wednesday, Symantec announced that Genesis will be called Norton 360 and that the product is slated to ship by the end of March next year, a change from the original September due date.

Are you kidding me? What kind of a name is Norton 360? Nevermind that they already have SystemWorks, which does the same thing. I wasn’t initially that happy that Microsoft called their new Xbox the Xbox 360, but it grew on me. It’s a fairly unique name though don’t you think? Not exactly the kind of thing that can be appended to any old product. I mean, what does the “360” mean for Norton? Unless it means a complete turnaround in their software’s performance and effectiveness, I don’t like the name one bit. Maybe they think the “360” will make their software seem “cool”, like the Xbox. Maybe they forgot they sold security software, and that no matter how hard you try, it simply isn’t sexy or cool.

Well the release date has been pushed out quite far, so they still have time to change the name. Here’s to hoping!

Read: CNET

One thought on “Norton 360

  1. All in all, I like it. My biggest concern is getting support out of Symantec should something go wrong. I used Norton and other products in the past, and I ALWAYS found that it was VERY difficult to find solutions to problems on my own. It is like they try to keep the problems people are having a secret rather than posting the resolutions (when there are any) on to the web. And calling in for help was a Nightmare. I would consider switching permanently from OneCare to Norton, but I just know that as soon as I pay for it, something will go wrong and Symantec will be no help at all. I really wish CNet would work more on rating real-life support responses from these companies and put their feet to the fire.

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