Notes for 7/9/2006

Megan and I got back from Lisa’s party late yesterday, and I’ve been trying not to move around too much ever since. I learned a valuable lesson this weekend – sunscreen is your friend! Yep, my legs and arms got a little too much sun. Oh well, that’s what happens when you spend all day in front of the computer and then venture outside haha!

  • Here are some pictures from the party. Thanks for having me Lisa!
  • Zidane…what where you thinking? Italy won the World Cup today on penalty kicks, and Zidane was red carded in the extra time period for headbutting one of the Italians. The shot of him heading to the dressing room, walking right past the World Cup trophy, was very telling.
  • Montreal and Toronto are getting really fast fiber Internet connections to residential areas, similar to what has been happening in the US. I wonder when such great things will move west? They aren’t too expensive either.
  • If it’s true, I know what I want for Christmas/Birthday!
  • I think something needs to be done about the oil companies. There’s no reason that the gas I buy for my car, which is refined less than 40 KM from the gas station, should cost almost ten cents more than gas does in Toronto. And I wish the US would just get it over with and do something about North Korea, if only so that prices don’t jump every time Kim Jong-il wants to get his gun off.
  • Will there really be a talking iPod?
  • Big week for my parents this last week! They officially decided they are moving from Inuvik to Yellowknife, which I think will be great for them (even though it’s still in the north). Along with my brother and sister who are back in Inuvik for the summer, they had a garage sale this weekend. Apparently about fifty people lined up before it started yesterday at noon. I told my parents, “your reputation precedes you! everyone knows you guys have lots of stuff, and thus they’ll probably find something good.” Hopefully my Dad will post something about the move soon (as Megan noted, he seems to have taken a little blogging break).

3 thoughts on “Notes for 7/9/2006

  1. Hey, I didn’t know your parents are moving to Yellowknife! Cool. I wish I could’ve gone to your garage sale, there probably would’ve been some cool stuff there.

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