Sonic 102.9 FM acquired by Rogers

Post ImageAny Sonic-heads out there? Big news regarding one of Edmonton’s newest radio stations! It appears that Sonic 102.9 FM has been acquired by Rogers Communications. Details from Broadcaster Magazine via Tod Maffin:

Rogers Communications, long seeking a radio presence in Edmonton and northern Alberta, has found its channel, with a $39.8-million acquisition of OK Radio’s Sonic Radio 102.9 FM and World Radio 101.7 (CKER FM).

The deal also includes two stations and a transmitter in Fort McMurray, a station in Grande Prairie and transmitters there and in Peace River and Tumbler Ridge, B.C.

The deal will be heard by the CRTC on September 11th, though it is expected to be approved. This has got to be some kind of record! I mean Sonic only launched in 2005, and now it has been sold. I guess their former owner, OK Radio, was founded a long time ago though, back in 1973.

Hopefully the new owners don’t change too much…

Read: Broadcaster Magazine

UPDATE: You can find Sonic 102.9 on the web at

2 thoughts on “Sonic 102.9 FM acquired by Rogers

  1. I don’t listen to much radio. OK, the only time I listen to radio is when I’m driving. I try to avoid radio as much as possible, because to be honest, it sucks. But the little I listened of radio recently in Edmonton was Sonic. They seem to suck the least. I hear all kinds of stuff on them that no one else plays, so hopefully Rogers doesn’t change them around too much.

  2. This bodes ill. One of the things I love about Sonic is that it was an independant radio station, not part of the boring cookie-cutter stations like the Corus group. It was because they had no corporate mandate that I heard so many artists I wouldn’t have heard on mainstream radio.

    So I’ll wait it out, but I am pretty leery.

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