Notes for 8/13/2006

Another week, another round of notes!

  • So Dickson left this last week, and thus, I am slightly behind on getting the testing started. I also took a little break today to work on something else – more on that tomorrow.
  • Went to see Step Up tonight. The critics seem to have hated it, while the users (the fans) seem to have loved it, judging by the Rotten Tomatoes ratings. I thought it was like most other dance movies (a poor guy makes something of himself through dance) but it was enjoyable! I was surprised to see that Mario had a role. Oh and that one girl from all the Missy Elliot videos too. If you just want to sit there and see some cool dancing, this is the movie for you.
  • You know how I like wireless everywhere. Now, behold, environmentally friendly wireless everywhere!
  • I realized just how big has become the other day, when I saw players in a public TFC server using MySpace addresses as their gamer tags. For those of you who don’t know, TFC is Team Fortress Classic, a mod for the original Half-Life. I used to be in a clan, a long time ago. I don’t ever remember seeing websites as gamertags!
  • As my Mom pointed out to me, the PC turned 25 years old on Friday! It’s kind of hard to imagine how the world would look today without computers.
  • I’m not sure I’ve used any of these, but apparently they work – ten sure-fire headline formulas that work.

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