Notes for 8/21/2006

I was hard at work on getting Podcast Spot published for testing, so I didn’t post any notes yesterday. Here they are today instead!

  • Closed beta testing for Podcast Spot just started! I’m very excited 🙂
  • I went camping on Friday and Saturday with Megan, Greg, and some others. It was fun! I took a few pictures.
  • My sister, Kim, returned to Edmonton on Saturday evening! She’s now in training to be an RA at Grant MacEwan.
  • Remember the Windows 95 launch? I don’t – I was too young to care I think. Here are some great old commercials though!
  • Get a graphic for your name, Web 2.0 style.
  • I’ve definitely got to look into Windows Live Contacts a bit more. Looks very interesting!

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