Notes for 8/27/2006

It’s been a very busy day, which for me started at 5:30 this morning. Here are some notes:

  • Dad came and went this weekend. He was here getting some stuff for the new house in Yellowknife!
  • I’ve been at J&M’s most of the day today, helping them pack and prepare for their year long trip to Salzburg. They’ve got a blog too, so check it out! Tomorrow’s the big day.
  • Dickson returns tomorrow. He’s going to help me move, and we’re going to do some big updates to Podcast Spot this week too! I’m really excited for adding more testers and features/updates.
  • I am not, however, excited for my last year of University which starts on the 6th. I think.
  • And here’s at least one non-personal item – Google is launching a new service that sounds a lot like Office Live.

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