Notes for 9/17/2006

Damn it’s cold outside! Here are my weekly notes:

  • Winter is definitely on the way. There’s too much yellow outside already!
  • Podcast Spot is looking pretty spiffy if I do say so myself! It will be public late this week if all goes according to plan. Brad Gibson was kind enough to mention Podcast Spot in his latest Bradcast. Thanks Brad and welcome back to the podosphere!
  • Like Kyle, I attended the first Edmonton on Rails meeting on Thursday. Here’s a photo of our small get together.
  • Here in the best province in Canada (you know it’s true) we’ve experienced a 43% rise in GDP between 2002 and 2005. “That puts Alberta’s growth rate not far behind that of China’s.” Pretty crazy! China is of course far and away the fastest growing large economy in the world.
  • Cold weather means hockey! As I write this, the Oilers are beating Phoenix 3-0 at the start of the third period in tonight’s first pre-season game. They’ve got Torres, Peterson and Lupul on a line together.
  • It seems everyone is talking about the new iPod Nanos, which I admit, are pretty cool. Even more cool is that they have really good recording capabilities now!
  • You can find some very interesting stuff in China. Like this building, designed to look like a cell, complete with mitochondria and everything. Kinda creepy, no?

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