Notes for 9/24/2006

Time for my weekly notes again!

  • We’re launching tonite! Yay!
  • Congratulations Chu and Michelle on your engagement! Here are some photos from our small get together the other day.
  • Andrea and Felicia are in London. They are travelling Europe for a month. I’m not jealous. No really.
  • Apple to trademark the word podcast? What a bunch of morons. I wonder if their PR department will do some damage control this week.
  • What a cool way to visualize the blogosphere!
  • I got a postcard in the mail from the fine folks producing the Jackass 2 movie a couple weeks ago. They wanted to know my shoe size, so I emailed it to them. And to my surprise, they sent me Jackass 2 shoes! Coolest swag ever! You can see them here.

2 thoughts on “Notes for 9/24/2006

  1. In regards to trademark of the word "podcast", while they may legally trademark it, it will probably be one of those diluted trademarks like Kleenex or Rollerblade. Anyhow, I’m jealous that you get "cool" swag. I’m keeping track of all the swag I get from law school and none my items even compare.

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