Penguins to add a little Canadian red?

Post ImageHockey season has started again! And what a great start it was, with Toronto losing 4-1 to the Senators. Edmonton’s first game is tomorrow night against the very red, very evil Calgary Flames. I can’t wait!

Perhaps the biggest news of the day, however, is that RIM’s top executive Jim Balsillie has purchased the Pittsburgh Penguins for $175 million USD (via Darren):

A source familiar with the discussions told globesports that Balsillie is expected to keep the team in Pittsburgh and he has no intention of moving it to Hamilton, Ont. There had been speculation that Balsillie wanted to buy a franchise and move it to Hamilton, which is close to his home and RIM’s head office in Waterloo.

Move them north! It would be such excellent news for Canadian hockey if he did. Like Darren says:

If I live in Hamilton or Winnipeg, Im getting on my Blackberry and starting an email campaign to get Mr. Balsillie to move the team north.

I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Read: Sportsnet

2 thoughts on “Penguins to add a little Canadian red?

  1. I hope the NHL doesn’t allow another team to move into the vicinity of the Sabres and Leafs. The team should stay here in Pittsburgh so in the next couple years we’ll have the Pens playing at home in the Blackberry center.

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