b5media funded – congrats Jeremy!

Post ImageThe news broke on Wednesday that Toronto-based b5media, a blogging/media network started by Jeremy Wright, had landed $2 million USD from Brightspark Ventures and J. L. Albright Venture Partners. b5media describes itself as “a gobal new media network” with over 150 blogs on a variety of topics. Today, National Post reporter Mark Evans announced that he is leaving mainstream media to join b5media as VP of Operations. I wish Mark the best of luck, though I don’t think he’ll need it – I think he made the right decision.

I have known Jeremy for a while now, and I’m a long time reader of his blog. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him a few times (such as at Northern Voice) and he has always struck me as an intelligent, fairly down-to-earth kind of guy. That’s not to say he’s completely grounded though – you might remember that Jeremy was the first blogger to auction his services off on eBay. There’s a lesson there though – Jeremy is an innovator, and he really understands blogging. I know he’ll do great things with b5media.

I am not sure what b5media plans to use the money for, but maybe they can purchase a laptop or two for Jeremy? That guy has the worst luck with portable computers.

I’m really glad that Jeremy has become successful with b5media. He’s had his fair share of tough times in the past. Congratulations Jeremy!

Read: b5media

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