Notes for 10/29/2006

Did you remember to switch your clocks back an hour? Daylight savings time has ended! What’s with all the snow?! Here are my weekly notes:

  • I really love Twitter. For the longest time I had planned to create a “notes” blog – a place where I could post random thoughts and stuff. Turns out Twitter does just about everything I need! On the right side of my blog you can see my latest “note”, and I can update it from the web, via instant messenger, or using my phone. It’s great!
  • Do you use “the google”? President Bush does.
  • I’m looking forward to Wednesday evening. Dickson and I are presenting in the VenturePrize seminar series. Should be fun!
  • Smart rabbits. Who knew?
  • I find it very unlikely, but it looks there just might be a resurgence in mainframe use.
  • Thanks Megan for the ticket to the Oiler game last night. Too bad Alex the Great didn’t score, but I’m happy Roli got the shutout!
  • Time recently had a very interesting America By The Numbers cover story. I think it is their first cover story made up primarily of graphics. Some fascinating stats.
  • Four midterms down, one to go! Plus a paper. I can’t wait for the term to end.

Favorite songs at the moment:
“So Excited” by Janet Jackson featuring Khia
“Come to Me” by P Diddy featuring Nicole Scherzinger

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