The NHL needs to fire McGeough

Post ImageWhenever Michael McGeough is assigned to officiate an Oiler game, I cringe. Tonight he proved exactly why. The Oilers just lost to the Dallas Stars by a final score of 3-2, but the Stars were helped immensely by the officials in this one.

The first Stars goal should not have been allowed. Roloson was in his crease and was interfered with, which according to NHL rule #78 should have been immediately disallowed. Neither official on the ice made a peep, and the goal was allowed to stand.

Late in the third period, with the score 3-1 for the Stars, the Oilers pulled Roloson and managed to get to within one. Then, with less than half a minute to go, Hemsky scored. This time though, McGeough immediately waved it off, very emphatically I might add. He claimed that Horcoff made a glove pass off the draw. First of all, it’s really not hard to distinguish between a glove and a stick, and Horcoff clearly used his stick. The play was entirely legal. Secondly, McGeough was horribly out of position and could not possibly have had a good look at the draw. Which leads to the question – why did he wave it off?

Because he’s a fucking idiot, that’s why. The play could not be reviewed apparently, and the Oilers were robbed of one, possibly two points by the sheer stupidity of McGeough. I don’t blame the fans for throwing anything and everything on the ice.

Seriously, the NHL needs to review this game and make sure McGeough never officiates again in the league. This kind of atrocious stupidity cannot be tolerated.

12 thoughts on “The NHL needs to fire McGeough

  1. All that was needed for this one was a pair of eyes and some common sense. Unfortunately McGeough left both at home.

    Don’t believe me? Turn on any sports channel at the moment. Do a quick search. I’m not the only one complaining.

  2. Clearly it was a bad call. I’m not disputing that. But think about it: what if every time someone fucked up at work, they were ridiculed by millions of people who couldn’t do their job anyways? How much sense does that make? He’s not the worst ref in the league; it’s unfortunate he made the call, but he did acknowledge after that he made a mistake. What more do you want? For him to be nailed up on a cross so people can throw stones at him?

    And the goalie interference wasn’t nearly as obvious from ice level as it was from up above. Though I think that it could have been called (by either McGeough or the other guy….)

  3. It’s not that simple. First off, this isn’t the first time he has fucked up. Secondly, not all jobs are created equal. You can’t simply apply that "if every time someone…" logic here. Making a terrible call that costs a professional sports team a valuable two points is a little different than forgetting to put a pickle on the cheeseburger at McDonalds.

    So he acknowledged he made a mistake, BFD. As I said, this isn’t the first time. Screw up too many times at your job, and you’re likely to get fired. Now I’ll admit that perhaps he shouldn’t be fired, because I’ve already said "not all jobs are created equal". It’s unlikely the NHL will fire him, but it makes for a good post title.

    At the very least, SOMETHING should be done about this incident. A public slap on the wrist, an official reprimand, something. One of the biggest problems (for fans, players, coaches, and management) in the NHL is the inconsistency in the officiating.

  4. I think you’re forgetting that this is just a game, and whether or not McGeough is a crappy ref has no bearing on how 99.9% of people in this city are going to live their lives.

    Also, NHL refs have a highly advanced skill set that less than a tenth of a percent of people in North America have. He’s not going to get fired; he’s not even going to get suspended or reprimanded, because he DID apologize and admit his mistake.

    In response to your analogy to McDonald’s…what if the person orders no pickles, someone puts the pickle on and causes an anaphylactic reaction and the customer dies because there was a pickle (to which they are allergic) on their burger? That seems a little more serious than a blown call in a hockey game. (And things like that do happen, so don’t tell me I’m being extreme.)

  5. I totally agree with you Mack. I was at that game and was absolutely disgusted by the officiating the entire game.

    I know it’s hard to officiate a game, and it’s very easy to complain about it when your team is losing. But this game was actually painful to watch (although this is also partially due to, hate to say, the Oiler’s sub-par performance themselves…).

    If it’s of any comfort, I overheard a guy on the LRT tell his friend how the pop he threw hit one of the officials in the face as they came off the ice.

  6. Megan, the problem with your entire argument is that you believe it’s just a game, it’s just hockey. It’s very clearly not. Ask Kevin Lowe what business he is in, and he’ll tell you the entertainment business. And he’ll make it very clear that it’s a business.

    It does matter.

  7. for fans, and non-fans and everyone who’s not part of the NHL family, it IS just a game. for those involved, it’s obviously a business.

    but maybe next time the oil can come out and play, instead of standing around with their heads up their asses, then a boneheaded call from the rf won’t matter so much.

    good for mac t to call for mcgeouh’s suspension. look what it got him. yup. $10000 poorer.

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