Notes for 11/12/2006

It’s Sunday, which means time for notes!

  • Yesterday was Remembrance Day. Just another Remembrance Day. I agree with Darren – this holiday/event/day/ritual is stale. We need to somehow breathe new life into it.
  • Tom was up from Red Deer with a friend for the weekend to visit. It was nice to see him! We sure played a lot of Xbox 360 this weekend. He totally schooled me in NHL 2K7…I’ll have to practice for the rematch.
  • Speaking of video games, Engadget has a really great coverage roundup post for the three newest consoles.
  • Last night my good friends Jane and Andrew celebrated their birthdays in a joint dinner at The Mongolie Grill. I had never been there before, and while the food was good, the service sucked. Here are some pictures from the dinner. Looking at them just now, I realize I don’t look very open and positive – my arms are crossed in almost every one!
  • At first I wondered why NBC gave the green light to a full season of “Studio 60”. Then it hit me: they’ve got nothing better! That said, Mark Cuban makes a good point. If funny videos like Mentos in Diet Coke are the future (and maybe they are), why is Google/YouTube spending money to license content? The answer is that right now, they need it. Crappy as it might be, millions of people still watch “Studio 60”, and advertisers are all about eyeballs.
  • The Xmas season officially started for me with the arrival of Starbuck’s red cups this past week.

2 thoughts on “Notes for 11/12/2006

  1. Interesting fact that you may or may not know: Kristen (Joe’s girlfriend) works at Holt Renfrew in the men’s section. Anyhow, isn’t the Mongolie Grill really all about self serve, in that you basically pick out the ingredients and they just basically cook it?

    Anyhow, I like Studio 60 although I don’t watch it as religiously as How I Met Your Mother, Gilmore Girls, Laguna Beach or the O.C.

    I’ve been enjoying the gingerbread lattes immensely.

  2. I’m an Eggnog Latte kind of guy, but the Gingerbread is good too. Yeah I did know that Kristin works there, small world!

    It is self serve to an extent. The waitress still brings the soup, rice, drinks, your bill, etc. It took at least a half hour to get the bill, drink refills were incredibly slow, and the rice came out a good ten minutes after our dishes were served.

    They need to either make it completely self serve, or make the waitresses faster (hire more, get smarter ones, etc).

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