Notes for 12/3/2006

First weekend of December, and here my weekly notes:

  • Dad is in town for work until Thursday, so that means I have a roommate! Along with Kim we went test driving some new Honda SUVs yesterday.
  • I know this is just a concept laptop, but I still really want one.
  • Turns out the second place votes came in handy for Ed Stelmach. He was elected late last nite as the new leader of the PC party and is therefore Alberta’s premier, succeeding Ralph Klein.
  • Sharon and I went to the Festival of Trees on Thursday. It was interesting, but I don’t think I’d go again, unless I had kids. It’s very much a family-oriented event.
  • Turns out Apple isn’t trying to protect use of the word ‘podcast’ after all.
  • Last day of classes is on Wednesday – hooray!

Just finished reading: Blink by Malcolm Gladwell
What a quick, entertaining read! It must have been hard to follow The Tipping Point with another book, and Blink isn’t as good, but it’s still worth a read. It could have been longer, with a better closing chapter, but Blink still left with me with much to think about. It has also made for some good discussions!

2 thoughts on “Notes for 12/3/2006

  1. Have you read Freakeconomics? Supposedly you like Blink and The Tipping Point, you will probably like that book. Anyhow, the only bad thing about the last day of classes are exams 😦

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