Boxing Day Shopping

I don’t think I’ve ever really gone shopping on Boxing Day as I am usually not in the city. Everyone told me that it is madness, that there are just too many people. I decided to go anyway, but I waited until late this afternoon. I went to Best Buy and picked up three games and a CD (first time I have bought one in ages…). The line was crazy long, and there wasn’t a lot of room to move throughout the rest of the store. It really was madness.

It seems to me that Boxing Day sales were much more heavily advertised this year than last. Will that translate into higher sales? Apparently last year broke records here in Canada:

Boxing Day 2005 was the single largest economic transaction day ever in the history of Canadian commerce (according to Visa). Individual big box stores can even gross over $1,000,000(CAN) on one single boxing day.

A lot of people don’t like Boxing Day because it is too commercial. I could care less. If I can get a good deal, might as well go! I feel bad for the people that have to clean up the stores though – Best Buy was a disaster this afternoon.

3 thoughts on “Boxing Day Shopping

  1. This was the first year that I haven’t gone Boxing Day shopping (give me a break, I’m Chinese and can’t pass up on a deal). Actually, I DID go to PetSmart and buy dog food, but they didn’t have a sale. I only went because I had a coupon that expired on the 31st, although I did buy some Christmas themed toys that were 50% off.

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