Notes for 1/7/2007

Here are my notes for the first Sunday of the year:

  • I had four classes in the fall term, and until today I had marks for only three of them. I was waiting for fourth one because if I did really poorly, I would probably have to pick up another class this term. Tonight I finally got the mark, and it turns out it was my best of the term! I was worried it would be my worst mark. There’s a message/lesson here…I just don’t know what it is.
  • On that note, classes resume tomorrow. Oh joy.
  • I really like the redesigned homepage. Hopefully it’s here to stay and is not just a CES thing.
  • Engadget has some pictures of the IPTV interface for Xbox 360. They also have a photo of the Windows Home Server device from HP.
  • Who knew Jeff Bezos of had a thing for space? His new spacecraft startup looks pretty interesting. And I like the really personal message he posted (though he should probably have just created a blog).
  • The update to Podcast Spot that we’ve been working on is coming along, though not as quickly as we’d like. Should be very soon though!

Mini-Review: Next by Michael Crichton
He’s my favorite author and I had high hopes for his new book Next. And I was not disappointed. The book deals with genetic research and tells the somewhat connected stories of many characters, both humans and transgenic animals. I really enjoyed it! My only complaint, perhaps, is that it’s not long enough. There are a few plot lines that aren’t fully explored or explained, such as the sea turtles with glowing shells. Otherwise it’s very well done. There is even a pseudo corporate site as part of the marketing for the book. And here is the official site.

2 thoughts on “Notes for 1/7/2007

  1. Is the lesson to not listen your instinct? Actually, I think the harder you think something is – the more apt you are to spend time to concentrate your weaknesses. I still don’t have my Foundations to Law mark and I need that mark on my transcripts for 1L summer jobs. The first deadline for resumes is a week from now.

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