Cowgirls Espresso

Post ImageCall me shallow, but yeah, I’d buy coffee from Cowgirls Espresso. I mean, who wouldn’t want to buy coffee from their hot baristas? There’s a ton of coffee shops out there, so you need to be different if you’re going to succeed. That’s what the Cowgirls Espresso chain is going for:

Hot is not the half of it. To stand apart from the hordes of drive-through espresso stands that clutter the Northwest’s roadsides, commuter coffee stops such as Tukwila’s Cowgirls Espresso are adding bodacious baristas, flirty service and ever more-revealing outfits to the menu.

They aren’t the only ones either – the trend is dubbed “sexpresso”.

I doubt we’ll see any of these coffee shops in the colder climates of Canada any time soon, but it’s an interesting bit of marketing nonetheless.

Read: Seattle Times

7 thoughts on “Cowgirls Espresso

  1. I am sorry, but I seem to be confused – are they selling themselves and you get a coffee to go or they are selling coffee and the baristas are for free?

    Even in Germany, the windows of the Bordello’s are covered.

  2. I think that if I WERE angry about it, I have options, not to go! Plain and simple. As to others that are being self righteous, it’s simply they are jealous. Jealous they aren’t making the money, jealous they didn’t think of it first and jealous they don’t have the body for this work. If I was worried about my husband going and he MIGHT take one for a "steam", then obviously my relationship has a lot bigger problems that can’t be blamed on an espresso stand.

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