Windows Vista available today

Post ImageToday’s the day. Windows Vista is now available in stores, ready for you to purchase. I went to Best Buy today (for something else, not for Vista) and I have to say, the Vista display was sad. There were only a couple boxes on the shelf, and one demo computer. More people were buying the WoW expansion than Vista.

I guess that is to be expected though. Most people will get Vista when they buy a new computer. That has caused some people to wonder why Microsoft has spent so much on advertising for Windows Vista. I think it’s a tactical move.

Here are some of the more interesting things I have come across today related to the Vista launch:

3 thoughts on “Windows Vista available today

  1. I was disappointed that the Daily Show didn’t have the actor who plays PC in the Mac commercials do anything with Bill Gates. I am sure he would have took it with good humor.

  2. Yeah it was rumored that John Hodgman would be on. And I agree, it probably would have been funny. I wouldn’t be surprised if Gates had some sort of "only me on stage" clause in his contracts!

  3. speaking of hich, you should probably also buy the WoW expansion…doooo eeeet, having a soul and social life is so overrated when it compares against slaying internet dragons and making fun of newbies.


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